Avoid Late Fees, Penalties, & Service Shut-off

In order to avoid late fees, penalties, and water service shut-off for non-payment, it's important to know the "life cycle" of your bill and the key dates used to determine when your bill is considered unpaid or past due. 

If you ever have questions or concerns about your utility account, please contact the Utility Services Division at (912) 651-6460 or use our online contact form at www.savannahga.gov/customercontact

Below is a table which shows when bills are due, when additional fees are added, and when the service shut-off period begins.

Bill Life Cycle Approximate Days Fee Charged
Bill Mailed 0  
Bill Due 20  
Last Day to Pay Without Penalty 30  
Penalty Added/Reminder Notice Sent 31 $5 or 10% (whichever is greater)
Administrative Processing Fees Assessed 38 $50
Service Shut-off Period Begins 38  

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