Phase II: West Bay Street

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The initial Downtown Streetscape Improvement Project area for Bay Street extended from East Broad to MLK. In recognition of West Bay Street as a major gateway into downtown Savannah and connection to west Savannah neighborhoods, the City of Savannah recently added West Bay Street from MLK to Warner Street (base of the viaduct bridge) to the study area.

Building from the earlier work of the Downtown Streetscape Improvement Project, the consultant team led by EDSA will utilize a similar process in working actively with the community throughout the conceptual design process. Project elements will include the potential for new sidewalks, new landscape, on-street parking, lighting and site furniture.

West Bay Streetscape Improvement Initiative Schedule

Project Kickoff: June 2017
Location: All meetings to be held at Coastal Georgia Center, 305 Fahm St.

Meeting 1: Discovery and Visioning (Held August 22, 2017)

Discussion provided the design team an opportunity to listen and gather important information from the community, city staff, and pertinent stakeholders. Initial inventory and analysis prepared by the EDSA Team was presented to the public. Community members also had the opportunity to express ideas regarding the West Bay streetscape project. The meeting presentation is available here.

Meeting 2: Ideas and Concepts - Tuesday, October 10, Time: 6-8 p.m. 

Discussion will include a synopsis of the “Discovery Meeting” to illustrate what we learned from the community. Overall program concepts and ideas for West Bay will be shared for feedback from the public. The meeting presentation is available here

Meeting 3: Final Presentation - Tuesday, December 19, Time: 6-8 p.m. 

Discussion will present the Conceptual Design for West Bay Street. The public will be informed about future improvements and have the opportunity to provide final comments.

All updates will be added to the City’s website at

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